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I just joined my local Planet Fitness two weeks ago.  This isn’t my first gym membership, but it has been YEARS since I have been to the gym.

I started off just doing my own thing, mostly doing the 30 minute circuit.  At planet fitness, this is a designated area with a sort of traffic light, with a red light and a green light.  There are 20 stations.  The odd number stations are for doing different steps, and the even stations are weight machines.  When the green light is on, you either do different types of “step up” activities, or you do 12 reps on the weights.  The light turns red, and you move to the next station (but don’t forget to clean the machine between).  You complete the whole circuit in 30 minutes.  It was a great full body workout.

Fast forward a week to when I met with the trainer.  (If you haven’t heard, Planet Fitness offers free unlimited personal training; although, truth be told I didn’t find it very “personal”)  I wrote down my goals:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Maintain muscle while losing weight
  3. Build core strength to help reduce lower back pain

Since the weight loss competition I am currently involved in ends May 13, we are working short term to try to meet all of my goals with a focus on #4.  So, the key to meeting this is to not BUILD any muscle.  I don’t want to lose any, but if I put on too much muscle, it may lower my chances of losing the highest % of weight.  I’ll focus on building after I win 😉

The program the trainer designed for me is based on spending 4 days at the gym.  Day 1, I do PF360, which is using the core training room and doing a circuit.  There are 6 exercises I do for 30 seconds, with a rest period of 15 seconds in between.  I do 4 rounds of the circuit.  This workout makes me SWEAT!  I downloaded an app on my phone called HIIT interval training so that I don’t have to keep an eye on a watch.  It blows a whistle and vibrates when I need to start and stop each rep.  I was able to set the length of each interval, the rest time, and the number of repetitions.  It has worked out really great so far!  After PF360, I am supposed to move on to abs.  I haven’t done that yet because I need to sign up for the “abs” session with the trainer for him to show me the exercises that involves. ::eye roll::  When that is finished, I do 30 minutes of cardio, aiming to keep my heart rate between 116 and 160.

Day 2 is 45 minutes to 1 hour of cardio, again trying to keep my heart rate between 116 and 160.  Day 3 is a repeat of Day 1, and Day 4 for is a repeat of Day 2.  I love that all of the cardio machines have sensors that you can monitor your heart rate.  I don’t like holding on to the sensors constantly, so I just check every 5 minutes or so to make sure I am within my goal heart rate range.  I would really love to get the Fitbit ChargeHR, which monitors heart rate among other things, but right now that just isn’t in the budget.

So, that is my current regimen when I go to the gym.  This week the scale seems to barely be budging, but I am hoping to see the numbers pick up soon.  It isn’t all about the competition though; when I get done working out I feel great!

If you have ever considered going to the gym, I encourage you to try it out!  It takes a lot of motivation for me to get there, but once I start working out, it is all worth it!


5 thoughts on “My PlanetFitness

  1. Good luck in your competition!! You seem to be set on track! Let me know if you ever have questions or need help with motivation! You got it, kick that competition’s butt!!

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  2. Good for you Dani!!! I enjoyed my membership at Planet Fitness as well. But for now I am just doing Beachbody programs at home. & hey even if you only lose 1/2 a pound a week all year – it’s still 26 pounds closer to your goal 🙂 Good luck on your competition!!!


  3. Hey Dani! I have a question.. so I used to have a personal trainer. He would tell me what exercises to do for an hour (free weights), sticking by me and keeping time the whole time. Recently, we’ve hit some financial troubles and I can no longer afford him. I joined Planet Fitness recently and saw their Fitness Training schedule with PF360 and Abs, Legs, etc. but I can’t figure out.. for PF360 and the other classes, are the personal trainers actually with you the whole time like my old trainer? Or are you on your own – because that’s what it seems like when I tried looking up “What is PF360”? Because if you’re on your own, what is the point of the schedule? Thanks! Appreciate your insight.


    • For the scheduled classes such as PF360, Abs, Legs, etc, it is a group class of up to I believe 5 people. I have done the PF360, Arms and 30 minute circuit classes. The trainer works with everyone in the group. During the 30 minute circuit, he basically just walked us through the workout. During the PF360 class, I was the only one signed up, so he was with me the whole time. With arms, there were 5 of us. He would take the group from machine to machine, set us up, and have a do so many reps and sets, and then switch to other people. I found it to be more for showing you the proper way to set up and use the equipment. I also did the design your own program. During this, I just sat down with the trainer and discussed my goals, and he designed a program that would fit in to those goals based on the number of days I planned to go to the gym weekly.

      It is definitely not going to be like having your own trainer, but I would give it a try. It is an included service with the gym membership, so you don’t have anything to lose. It may be a good temporary option until your financial situation improves. Good Luck!


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