Meet Dani

My name is Dani, and I am first and foremost a Wife and Mommy.  I am a passionate and sensitive person; always have been, always will be.  I am a Registered Nurse, and I dabble in an array of hobbies: crafting, reading, music, and sports to name a few.  My body currently reflects the size of my heart, extra LARGE.  I am constantly working to better myself physically and emotionally.  The physical battle is one I have struggled with for as long as I can remember.

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I live a simple life.  I see my husband far less often than I would like due to work schedules and avoiding the use of daycare.  I have a daughter, and we are expecting a new baby in February 2016.  We have 2 dogs and 2 cats, all of which have their own unique character flaws, but who doesn’t have a few.  We own our home, and it seems to be a constant battle keeping it clean and maintained.

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I love sports…both watching and playing.  I played soccer every year from the time I was 5 years old until I graduated from high school.  I loved playing volleyball in the pool growing up, and I also played 3 years in high school.  I started playing tee-ball around kindergarten, and I played softball on and off until high school.  I even umpired for a few years.  I had a love-hate relationship with basketball; I played for a few years, but I was never very good, and it involved more running than I could stand!  I am a true Detroit Tigers fan.  I went to Tiger Stadium as a young child, and I moved with them to Comerica Park.  I am no fair weather fan!  Although frustrating, I watched them even when they break records for number of losses!  I like the Red Wings, but it does not compare to the love I have for the Tigers.

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