Non-Scale Victories

I honestly cannot wait until the weight loss competition I am in is over.  (Today is the last day; I will weigh in first thing tomorrow morning) Normally the reason for that is so I can have some of the junk I am craving, but that isn’t the case this time.  The reason I can’t wait for it to end is because I want to get my focus off of the scale.  The winner of the challenge is the person with the highest percentage of weight loss.  It looks at nothing but the results on the scale.  I feel that I have been extremely successful the past 30 days.  I have become healthier.  When I find something to be proud of, the scale knocks me down.  It is toying with my emotions!  Sunday, I was so proud of myself.  For Mother’s Day, my family and I went to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant.  Normally I leave there feeling STUFFED!  Not Sunday.  I made a plan before I went, and I stuck to it.  My plan was to have 2 breadsticks (normally I have probably close to 6-10), I would get the chicken noodle soup that comes with my meal, and I would ask for a box to come with my dinner so I would only eat a small amount.  I think that is one of the first times I was able to stick to the plan!  I had just 2 breadsticks, despite the waitress filling the basket up with fresh ones several times, I had my soup, and I only ate about 1/4 of my gnocchi.  The box didn’t even come with my dinner, so I had to have some serious self control in order to not eat more!  I felt like a winner after walking out of the restaurant.  Monday morning, that feeling quickly vanished when I weighed myself and discovered I had gained 2 lbs.  😦  I could have let that defeat me, but I moved on.  I am doing my 2 day cleanse anyway.

I think a lot of people feel controlled by the scale.  I am ready to take back that control!  There are things that I have done since the start of the challenge that I can be proud of.  I am going to start focusing on the non-scale victories because they have so much more meaning!

Here are some of my non-scale victories:

  • The gloves I wear at work are getting loose.  I have always had to wear a size large glove.  One day, I put one on and thought I had put on an XL size because it went on smoother and felt baggy.  I quickly realized we NEVER have XL gloves and that my hands were actually shrinking!
  • I wore 2 different scrub tops that I haven’t been able to wear since the summer of 2012 because they had gotten so tight!


  • On one type of bra I wear, I have always had to use the last clasps.  The other day, I put it on and skipped the middle row all together.  I can now fasten it using the tightest clasps!
  • I rode my bike to visit my grandpa.  It wasn’t a very long ride, only a little less than 5.5 miles round trip, but it was the first time I had done it.  I felt great when I got done!
  • I have consistently gone to the gym the last 29 days.  It can be hard to force myself to go some days, but I feel AWESOME after a workout!
  • I have not had fast food or pop since starting the competition.  That is a huge accomplishment for me!
  • I can walk up and down the stairs without being extremely winded!

Anything that you feel proud of can be a non-scale victory.  Share some of your victories in the comments!